21. Juni 2011 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

It’s the evening before I leave, and I’m about ready to turn away from the computer screen that’s been holding me captive for far too long. Email has a habit of pouring the bad news over your mood like goo. Just had a ton of it coming my way, or rather, our way because what’s at stake is a huge team effort worth thousands of hours and lots of labour & love.

It’s simply incredible what some less-than-well-informed politicos can do with the stroke of a pen. And you end up feeling helpless because you don’t have the leverage and the clout to hold your own. Because you only did the work …

In any case, there will be a moment tomorrow when I will get some leverage:

A bike pedal is fixed onto a lever called a crank, which does not change size. The gears next to the pedal, or chainwheels, affect the bike’s leverage and resultant ease or difficulty of pedaling. When the chain is resting on a smaller chainwheel, the rider is pushing against less chain, which makes it easier to pedal. Bikes have different numbers of chainwheels beside the pedal, which permit them to have more gears.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/438545-how-do-bike-speeds-work/

Not a real beauty, but ready to do its work
Not a real beauty, but ready to do its work

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