The journey so far

11. August 2011 § Ein Kommentar

Here are some maps and statistics as a record of ‚Around Europe in 80 Languages, Leg 1‘, 21 June to 22 July.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Die Etappen meiner Fahrradreise 2011 von Urdorf nach Dubrovnik

The sum totals are:

  • 1919 km covered by bike
  • just about 80 km per day on average, ranging from 20 to 135 km
  • total travelling time: 108 hours 43 minutes
  • average speed: 17.6 km/h
  • language regions touched: 10

Of course, counting languages is impossible really. When I claim I traversed 10 language regions, this is an illusion, given that I counted German, Romansh, Italian, Ladin, Cymbrian, Friulian, Slowenian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian. If you want to know more about the complications involved in counting, you should go back and read the blog of this trip.

Here come the maps of the trip. For the leg in Bosnia, I had to make my own (inaccurate) map because Google Maps does not chart this exotic terrain yet with calculable routes.

Urdorf - Chioggia

Pellestrina - Veli Losinj

Zadar - Metkovic

Metkovic - Mostar - Dubrovnik

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