The story so far

24. Juni 2015 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

Shortly before I set out once again for my fifth summer of long bicycle tours in pursuit of 80 languages around Europe, let me quickly take stock of the five trips so far and a few odds and ends.

Here’s a list of the various chapters with a reminder that there are some gaps on the trips (either because I skipped boring or wind-swept bits by train or because I couldn’t start from the point I’d left off the last time, e.g. I didn’t take up from Kaliningrad in 2014 because I didn’t feel like procuring another Russian visa).

1) Journey south-east: 2011, 24 days, 1955 km, from home (Urdorf) to Dubrovnik, 10 language regions. First blog entries: here.

2) Celtic arc: 2012, 35 days, 3043 km, from Thurso (Scotland) to Pruntrut (Switzerland), 8 language regions. Blog entries start here.

3) Deep Balkans: 2013, 24 days, 2015 km, from Dubrovnik to Istanbul, 9 language regions. Blog entries: go here and scroll to the bottom.

4) Baltic jaunt (2011) and Central corridor (2014): 10 days, 572 km (with my friend Reto) from Riga to Kaliningrad, then 13 days from Gizycko (Poland) to Passau (Germany), 8 languages altogether. Blog for the Baltic and for Poland etc.

With a few other shorter bicycle tours, the count is now at 38 languages, not even half of what I imagine can be (dis)covered in Europe. As anyone can see, this is a long-term project not determined by considerations of efficiency.

Here’s a sketchy map with a rough overview. There are some more accurate maps with tracks of my tours in the relevant blog parts, e.g. here for the southern Balkans.


The colours represent language areas. The map is from There are many ways of drawing language regions and borders – no guarantee for accuracy!

And so, on Monday I’ll head for … new lands. Come back here to see where the journey is going!

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