Sein oder Nichtsein/Sign or Not Sign

1. Juli 2016 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

In this last blog entry from our bicycle tour Budapest – Novi Sad – Timisoara, I will let signs on the roadside speak for themselves.

They will come in pairs, for you to compare and find similarities or differences. There will be a set of four place name signs with increasing numbers of versions (what languages is your and anyone’s guess), and finally a few stand-alone signs to contemplate and interpret at will.

How much does the ferry across the Danube at Paks (Hungary) actually cost?

Looking into the mirror of a long-lost past – the words are transliterated from spoken Danube Suebian German


Baja is Frankenstadt in German usage – there wouldn’t be enough space for this name though. – The Kiss Ranch: a new idea for wellness-oriented agroturismo?


The cemetery at Apatin, a Serbian-Hungarian-Suebian town with a share of Roma (whose gravestones I searched for in vain)


If German nationalists had had their way, the city would be called Temeschburg now.

16_Vojvodina – 321

Multilingualism demands space: Serbian, Hungarian, Roumanian and Rusyn/Ruthenian sign in Zrenjanin.

16_Vojvodina – 344

My theory is that the human traffickers scratched off the name of the official border town, Srpska Crnja, and sprayed it over with the code word for the (illusionary) safe hav€n. Google Maps will show you the ideal location of Hetin for illegal border crossing between Serbia and Roumania.

16_Vojvodina – 474

On the sun deck of a Budapest tourist boat they know how to be polite – after pointing out the rules (otherwise and by the way).

16_Vojvodina – 521

Final proof that Hungarian will forever remain an opaque language to us Indo-Europeans. On the night train from Budapest to Zurich.

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