One day along the Fjords

5. August 2016 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

Serendipity is what you might call the combination of four unlikely events that happened to me today: the lifting of a dense fog around lunch time, my steady progress on a well-greased bicycle, the action camera on my handlebar running to capture the wondrous road along the fjord, and then the elk, only my second sighting of a specimen in Scandinavia. The surprisingly fair-furred beast stood, stared and grazed for another three or four minutes, unperturbed by the sounds of a car and a motorised saw. Then it fled, galloping along the road, it turned, looked at me and shook its head briefly. Maybe I should have offered a tip for the photos and videos?

P.S. Having looked at pictures and explanations in Wikipedia overnight, I now think this „it“ was in fact a reindeer. But what was it doing there all by itself? 

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