The end? A new beginning?

23. Mai 2017 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar


The cover of my new iBook (192 pages, with multimedia features)

Even while I was completing the last legs of my epic journey, I started putting together materials from this blog to create a more permanent record of „Around Europe in 80 Languages“. I worked with Apple’s iBook Author and exploited its many layout and multimedia features, getting carried away occasionally with photo galleries, video soundtracks and fiddly interactive gimmicks.

But composing the book and enriching it with pages of extra information about things linguistic and with the alphabet of my itinerary (from Allee through Ferries and Roadkill to Zzzz as in sleeping) was tremendous fun. And YESSSS! The iBook is out now, available for just 10 Swiss francs or €10.99 from the iBook/iTunes store (click on the link). You will need an iPad or a Mac X OS 10.9 or newer as well as the iBooks 2.0 app to enjoy the book on screen. But not to worry, I will gladly send you a pdf version of the book (which doesn’t have audios, galleries and internal hyperlinks, of course) via a Dropbox link. Just send me an email (daniel.stotz[at] I hope to be able to publish a colour print version one day and am in contact with an agency.

In the meantime, I’m licking wounds after a major accident within the institution I work for. My application for a post I would have cherished (maybe) got thwarted and I find myself without the possibility to engage in research, development and services in my field of applied linguistics. The avenue in front of me looks bland and obscure at the same time. I decided to fight back, but I have little hope in a satisfying solution.

In these dire circumstances, I have started dreaming about a continuation of my journey.  Didn’t I write in my very first blog entry that „I’ll try to make it to Gagausia“? One of last year’s trips led me and Reto as far as Timisoara. It’s less than 1000 km from this Romanian city to Comrat. If you’re starting to wonder what on earth Gagausia and the Gagauz language are, come back here later, say in August, to check if I have taken up the challenge. I’m not sure if I will, though, it’s a rough land out east.


A sample page from the iBook (without any gimmicks)

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