This is me, under the influence of music and the heat of a long day in France.

This is me, under the influence of music and the heat of a long day in France.

I’ve created this travel blog to help you track my journeys on bicycle around Europe in my attempt to travel through as many language regions as possible. It started with an epic ride from my home town Urdorf to Dubrovnik in the summer of 2011. The year after I began afresh in northernmost Scotland and cycled nearly all the way home. In 2013, I set off from Dubrovnik and travelled through Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and the European part of Turkey, ending up outside Istanbul.
Last year, I went on a shorter ride from northern Poland through Wroclaw and Dresden to the Czech Republic, linking up with the Inn and Danube rivers in Passau, where I passed through on a much earlier trip (1985 or so).

14_Central-Corridor (271)

Two years older, and none the wiser, under Polish skies

As to languages, my count is 38, and about 9300 km. Hm, how I’ll ever get to the figure of 80, I just don’t know.

As always, comments and cheers are welcome.

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